Transparent Trading Co., Ltd.
Transparent’s philosophy is to create value, break the frame and serve the supremacy. We hope to bring a new feast for the customers.
We continue to analyze market trends and develop a complete flavor formula to provide local conditions.It is not just professional R&D.
We attach more importance to service and we hope to give our customers guidance and direction and work together to develop ideal products.
By discussing and communicating with customers, overcoming technical difficulties, we can help you to engrave your heart and make your products more competitive and irreplaceable.
We provide food ingredients from various countries.
Whether applied to drinks, ice, baking or other processed foods,
It can better present the delicious value of the food itself.
Transparent not only wants to provide a good taste of the product, but also wants to give you peace of mind and quality assurance.
We have reviewed the details and passed a number of third-party inspections and certifications.
It is to ensure the best quality spices.